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If you are looking to learn something different and rather fabulous, you found the right place.  And you can choose what format works for you.  Do you want to join a fun and relaxing workshop or do you fancy getting together with a group of friends to celebrate by learning a new skill, or would you prefer to learn at your own pace in a relaxed one to one session with my good self.  The choice is yours.

Workshops are a lovely way to make new friends in a relaxed, friendly and social environment.  Whether you come on your own or with a friend, you will be greeted with lots of smiles and be ready to have a great time.

Current Workshops

You can see a full list by clicking below (if you have problems with the links, please copy the words then paste them into your URL (top of your search engine page) and press enter).  This will take you to the page too


Lovely Natural Skincare

Making the most wonderful skincare products natural and organic ingredients (sourced locally were possible).  You will be so pleased with the products you make and know that there are no synthetic ingredients – all natrual.  It is addictive!!

Fabulous Aromatherapy Candles

Learn to make fabulously smelling and completely natural candles.  Using rapeseed wax you will be astounded at the aromatherapy candles you will create using essential oils or the candles you can create from beeswax.

Unusual Paper Crafts

Paper is exceptionally versatile and I continue to be amazed at what you can create….from unusual popup cards to origami to paper cutting to paper flowers and quilling (you might want to look that one up).  The possibilities are endless and you will surprise yourself at what you can create

Gorgeous Gift Wrapping

You will learn how to make any present look fabulous.  From bottles to boxes and anywhere in between.  And it is more than gift wrapping paper, you can learn how to make gift boxes, gift bags, gift tags and accessories (all with a twist of course)

Amazing Modern Calligraphy

Being able to write beautifully is a fantastic skill, whether you want to write lovely cards or pen a letter to someone special or create your own wedding invitations…the list goes on.  Only a few hours and you will gain confidence to practice your new found modern calligraphy skills