Craft and Artisan Workshops in and Around Birmingham

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Are you looking for craft and artisan workshops in and around Birmingham, if so you are in the right place. Enjoy learning something different in a range of relaxed and friendly workshops.

It is a great opportunity to meet meet like minded people and make new friends – a real social get together.  So whether you come along on your own or with a friend, you will be greeted with smiles and be ready to have some fun.

And you will be amazed at how you can create the extraordinary from everyday things in the workshops, including lovely natural skincare, fabulous aromatherapy candles, unusual paper crafts, gorgeous gift wrapping and amazing  modern calligraphy.

I am passionate about my workshops standing out from the crowd so work hard to ensure they are different…from the topics to the providing a choice of learning new skills to the environment created in workshops.  Please read the reviews on my facebook page @Little Artisan Studio that previous workshop goers have very kindly left.  You will get an idea from them what the workshops are about.

Workshops are small to ensure everyone has an opportunity to learn how you can take ordinary items and make something wonderful. Crafts are non traditional (no crochet here) so if this sounds like what you are looking for. please read on.

Simple, Creative, Fun

5 topics are covered within the workshops

Lovely Natural Skincare

Making skincare products using the best natural and organic ingredients (sourced locally were possible).  You will be really pleased with the products you can create and know that there are no synthetic ingredients.  It is addictive!!

Fabulous Aromatherapy Candles

Learn to make fabulously smelling and completely natural candles.  Using rapeseed wax you will be astounded at the aromatherapy candles you will create using essential oils or the candles you can create using beeswax

Unusual Paper Crafts

Paper is exceptionally versatile and I continue to be amazed at what you can create….from unusual popup cards to origami to paper cutting to paper flowers to quilling (you might want to look that one up).  The possibilities are endless and you will surprise yourself at what you can create

Gorgeous Gift Wrapping

You will learn how to make any present look fabulous.  From bottles to boxes and anywhere in between.  And it is more than gift wrapping with paper, you can learn how to make gift boxes, gift bags, gift tags and accessories (all with a twist of course)

Amazing Modern Calligraphy

Being able to write beautifully is a fantastic skill, whether you want to write lovely cards or pen a letter to someone special or create your own wedding invitations…the list goes on.  Only a few hours and you will gain confidence to practice your new found modern calligraphy skills

Creating extraordinary from everyday things has a lovely sense of fulfilment.  The emphasis on the workshops is having fun and encouraging you to make something really special you can take away and be proud of. And of course astound your friends. I do my best to make the events a great experience and feel a real treat.

The workshop topics will always be different from traditional crafts so if you are looking for those there are lots of fantastic tutors out there. If you are looking for something different and rather fabulous, you are in the right place.

It is so simple, no previous experience is required (beginners are definitely very welcome) and you will be amazed at what you are able to create.

So if you are looking for unusual craft and artisan workshops in and around Birmingham, why not treat yourself to a few hours away from the hum drum and fuel your inner craftiness!

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